Tomosi at 20

On March 3, 2018 the Tomosi Group will make 20 years since the first entity, TERP Media was officially registered as one of the pioneer communication agencies in Uganda.
The experience gained in the formative years birthed Corban our real estate firm in 2001 and the Gideons Men, our security outfit in 2007. But the journey really began in 1964 at a small peasant holding in south western Uganda when the late Tomosi and Erina Rwabwogo, the founders took a step of faith and began the simple act of growing food on a commercial basis in a community that despised crop cultivation as a source of income.
The community treasured instead cattle rearing. It is this simple foundation which inspires us daily to extend their dream knowing that the battle against lack or failure is won or lost, principally, at an idea level. Their example reminds us that no idea is too small to change the world.

Tomosi board meeting in progress
Our values are:
  • Nemerako - Resilience,
  • Nyelo - Consensus
  • Omutindo - Standardised Tasks
  • Omushana - Walk in Light
  • Emitti - Firm Leadership
  • Huguuka - Go see for yourself
  • Esesian - Become a learning organization
Our Vision

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