Gaining Scale Training Series

Gaining Scale Training Series

Starting and sustaining a business in Africa is an act of faith, a sign of boundless course and unrelenting commitment. Businesses that live to celebrate their fifth birthday, do not take survival and growth lightly.
Therefore, in the run up to March 03, 2018, we will be recognising the people that have embodied our values and encourage young people to know that the future of our nation lies in them building enterprises based on ideas that will shape tomorrow’s economy. And why not? They have been born and raised in a more optimistic and stabler nation than the generations before them.
Through a series of youth engagement programmes, interviews with some key entrepreneurs and mentors, business promotions and entrepreneurship teaching sessions, we hope to relive the spirit of the founders and demonstrate to the youth that pulling themselves up by their bootstraps when help hasn’t come is the safest way to build a lasting business.
We will appeal to them to have a deep reservoir of conviction so as to not give up mid way the journey.
In these events, we hope to show the critical role of mentorship for the next generation, a service badly lacking both in our education and business infrastructure in Uganda.
Please join us for this journey.

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